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cht eco store

We are part of a movement
for the change

Cht eco store, quality biodegradable compostable reusable products

Caring for the environment is our priority, at CHT we continually strive to be more aware and sensitive to environmental impact. We permanently evaluate our processes, to implement new strategies and thus improve our efficiency.

We choose to reduce, recycle and reuse.

All together for our planet

We are a company committed to the Environment, our products meet high quality standards, using organic, recycled and biodegradable raw materials, making our bit to help achieve the sustainability that our planet requires.

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Climate change has no borders, it is a global challenge and to combat it requires the coordinated work of all countries.

The main cause of climate change is global warming and this has multiple negative consequences on biological, physical and human systems, among others.

CHT designs and manufactures resistant products through the years.

We are convinced that a high-quality product that retains its performance properties and aesthetic appeal for years is more environmentally responsible than others that are replaced more frequently due to lower quality, poor workmanship, or deficiency.