The 5 highest mountains in the world

"Near the top there are always a thousand excuses to get off and only one to go up."



This is the most famous and highest mountain in the world with a height of 8,848 m.a.s.l (meters above sea level). It is located between Nepal and China, marking the border.

Its name comes from George Everest, cartographer and geographer of the British Empire, who worked in the area between 1830 and 1843, 13 years old.



The second highest in the world, with 8,611 meters above sea level. Its name derives in 1856, when Thomas Montgomerie from Mount Haramukh made a drawing of the two peaks, and he called them K1 and K2.

It is located between the border of Pakistan, China and India, it is one of the most difficult and dangerous mountains to climb. It is estimated that every 4 mountaineers who reach the top, one dies in the attempt, that is why they call it “Wild Mountain”.



With 8,586 m.s.n.m it is located in the third position in the world, and is the highest mountain in India. Its name translates into Spanish as “The five treasures of the snows” since it has five peaks.

It is located in India and Nepal, it is considered a sacred mountain for the Kirati (indigenous group of the Himalayas that originated about 10,000 and 30,000 years ago)



Its height is 8,516 meters above sea level and it is connected to Everest, even in many cases it is confused. It is located on the border of China and Nepal. It has claimed the lives of countless people.

Its name means “South Peak” in Tibetan, the main summit of Lhotse was successfully climbed for the first time on May 18, 1956 by Ernst Reiss and Fritz Luchsinger, a Swiss team.


Monte Makalu

It is the fifth highest mountain on earth with 8,463 m.a.s.l. It is situated about 19 km from Mount Everest in China and Nepal. This mountain is very difficult to climb due to its pyramid shape, steep paths, and sharp edges.

The name of this mountain comes from the sancristo which means “Black Mountain”. The Makalu has two subsidiary peaks, the Kangchungste (7,678 meters above sea level) and Chomo Lonzo (7,790 meters above sea level).

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